A model of the upper left Motorola cellular phone end and the successive generations cellular phone end where other ones are Nokia Transceiver and the plan age

"Walkie Talkie" made by Motorola U.S. forces used during the Second World War is called a record. But this is a transceiver without circuits.

The plan of the cellular phone matched from the time when a telephone has been just contrived. That one between the man who overcomes communicates in sound could communicate by a radio using a radio wave, and was drawn as a dream. A wireless machine using Morse sign was the technology which becomes the dimension of the cellular phone, but it wasn't thought that it started to spread explosively even if it came to practical use, as of this.

The study in detail which develops the telephone which can be carried had been performed from the old days, but radio problem of noise and problem of a battery depended on many problems of communication speed again, and a telephone became very large, the realization was difficult.

1960- 70 's: Effort to miniature

They became able even to set the degree which can communicate to 1960 's small while having it by both hands, but it was so heavy that I also got tired with short time's call. When exerting oneself in 1970 's, the size of the degree you can have by one hand was even miniaturized. The second half in 1970 's- former in 80 's: The practical use age (the in-vehicle telephone)

It was submitted to the held Japan World Exposition as the wireless phon by Osaka-fu and came to practical use for the first time by the world in Japan in 1979 in 1970. But, this is different from the present cellular phone in automobile telephone service using an in-vehicle telephone. Even Bahrain and Scandinavia area have begun to give the service in 1981. They preceded that, and staff of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation in the those days when a hostess of the Japanese-style hotel evening moon which was in Yokosuka was using an overseas cellular phone (after NTT) frequented like every day and were making an effort toward a study of a cellular phone in Japan in 1980. After that then communications will be extensively, and YRP Nobi (Yokosuka research park) is sold to cell phone sable as a place by the cellular phone origination present.

Further, I got a permit from a practical use experiment to AT&T and Motorola in 1978 in the United States of America, but I didn't come to realization. The direct appeal to President Ronald Reagan in those days by Motorola was also effective, and the said country which fell behind schedule was made a practical use of in 1981.

It starts to be formed as business from about 1980 this, and sale of a cell phone and service have been begun as an in-vehicle telephone (mobile phone) at a certain advanced. The user by whom a small part was limited did nothing but introduce because when it was compared with a fixed telephone then, an introduction value and communication expenses were tens of times together and a communication area was also limited to an urban area. Around the middle in 1980 's: The practical use age (the portable type)

NTT is selling "the shoulder phon" in 1985 in Japan for the portable type which isn't the in-vehicle type. The weight put over shoulders and carried around, and was 3Kg. The one called a cellular phone was sold from NTT in 1987, and the weight was 900g.

1990 's: Becoming multifunctional

The spread will be developed in 1990 's, and a liquid crystal display has begun to be loaded into the body. Communication mode shifted to digital from analog in the middle in 1990 's, and the arrival melody which can set favorite music as a ringtone and the message service a beeper and solidarity did could be used now.

I-mode was able to start by Japan and connect to the internet network in 1999, and communication speed was able to improve and use a game with a picture and Java.

After 2001: 3G age (fusion with the internet)

The third generation cellular phone will appear in 2000 's. The commercial service which is 3G (W - CDMA) in Japan prior to the world in 2001, shi TTA. You could connect with the other PCs a picturephone became possible by which and communicate data at high speed now. Because the last one miles of problem was easy to settle again, even a developing nation began to spread explosively, and the rate of diffusion in the whole world reached 50 percent according to an announcement on November 29, 2007 of British investigating committee company "Informa Telecoms & Media" (the British hour) . Since putting it in fact Africa, maintenance of fixed infrastructure keeps delaying, and something enormous is predicted by the rate of diffusion of the cellular phone and a lurk market, and rapid growth in a market is paid much attention, from the battery which is a car as the power supply indispensable to the use which is a cellular phone in the area where maintenance of electric power infrastructure doesn't catch up on the one hand and, business like charge shop" by manpower generation of electricity also rises.

After 2007: The smart phone age